Bus Route Changes

The following changes to Route 1 will go into effect on September 19, 2016:

  • Traveling inbound (towards downtown) on Pleasantburg Drive, Route 1 will now continue as follows (shown in GREEN on map below):
    • Turn RIGHT onto West Antrim Drive
    • Turn LEFT onto Frederick Street
    • STOP at the Greenville Tech Buck Mickel Center*
    • STOP at SHARE*
    • STOP at the intersection of Frederick Street and McAlister Road*
    • Turn RIGHT onto McAlister Road

*Indicates a new stop (shown with STARS on map below)

  • The following stops will no longer be served (circled in YELLOW on map below):
    • Pleasantburg Drive across the street from the University Center
    • Legrand Boulevard near the Coin Laundry

 On July 5, 2016, Greenlink implemented the following changes

Route 8:

  • Most stops along Route 8 will now be serviced by the new Circulator route
  • The following Route 8 stops will no longer be served:
    • Mall Connector Rd & Fluor Daniel Dr
    • Halton Rd & Congaree Rd
    • Congaree Rd & Webb Rd
    • Block Congaree Rd & Roper Mtn Rd
    • Verdae Blvd & Rockly Slope Rd
Route 12:

  • Route 12 will now serve as the direct connection between the downtown Transit Center and Haywood Mall
  • ITT Tech and the Hand Surgery Center will no longer be served
Route 14:

  • Route 14 will now stop at CU-ICAR on both inbound and outbound trips
  • University Center will no longer be served
CU-ICAR/St. Francis Shuttle and the Clemson Connector:

  • Routes will be consolidated to service CU-ICAR, University Center, Haywood Mall, Patewood, St. Francis Eastside, Waterside Greene Apartments, and St. Francis Millenium
  • This new Circulator route will not connect to downtown Greenville. Connections to downtown can occur at CU-ICAR (Route 14) or Haywood Mall (Route 12)
  • Transfers between the Circulator and Route 12 and transfers between the Circulator and Route 14 are waived. Make sure you indicate to your driver that you need a transfer ticket between these routes

Other changes:

  • The following routes will no longer make deviated stops in an effort to keep buses on schedule and avoid delays:
    • Route 3 - Removal of the stop at Furman University Herring Center
    • Route 3 - Removal of the stop at Stallings Road
    • Route 10 - Removal of the stop at Donaldson Center