1. Animal Control

    Learn about animal and wildlife law within the city.

  2. FAQs

    Police Department frequently asked questions

  3. Outreach

    The community outreach page highlights ongoing and proactive communication with our neighborhoods, businesses and community based organizations to strengthen our public safety practices and programs.


    The GRAVITY program is designed to offer programs and support to at-risk youth of all ages.

  5. Neighborhoods

    Learn about GPD's community policing strategy.

  6. Prevent Crime

    Learn how to work with the Police Department to prevent crime within Greenville.

  7. Hire an Officer

    The city of Greenville hosts almost 200 event days a year, and all gatherings such as concerts, parades, races and festivals that take place on public property must be permitted through the City’s Public Information and Events Department.

  8. Victim Services

    Information for victims of violence, from the state of South Carolina

  9. Community Care Program

    The ElderCare program is a free service offered to those persons who need periodic contact to ensure their safety and security.

  10. Citizens Academy

    Learn about a free 12-week program designed to help citizens learn more about the Greenville Police Department.

  11. Greenville Police Youth Academy

    The Youth Academy provides high school students with a free, one-week program for students to see firsthand what it takes to be a police officer.

  12. Police Mediation

    The Greenville Police Department has partnered with Greenville’s Upstate Mediation Center (UMC) to deliver a Community – Police Mediation Program, offering an alternative way for citizens to resolve certain types of complaints about Greenville Police Department services.

  13. Resources

    Learn about the different services offered by the Police Department.