Yard Waste & Appliance

Seasonal Collections

The City will collect your yard waste on the same collection day as your garbage and recycling. To ensure collection, place materials at the curb by 7 a.m. Please place items in separate piles at least three feet away from obstacles such as mailboxes, utility poles, and automobiles.

The City will collect: grass clippings, leaves and limbs (no longer than 6 feet long or 6 inches in diameter). Please keep leaves separate from branches and limbs.
  • Consider Composting. Call 864-467-8300 for more information.
  • Do not bag yard debris. Leaf it at the curb.
  • Do not cause clogs by piling leaves near storm drains, inlets, culverts or ditches.
  • Do not pile leaves or yard debris on water meters, sewer clean-out pipes, or next to signs, fences or mailboxes.
  • In dry weather dampen your piles of leaves with water prior to collection.
  • Keep leaves separate from branches and limbs.

A pile of leaves at the end of a driveway and a red sports car driving by
An old white fridge with the door open exposing drawers and an ice box
An old, floral print sofa with stains on it in the garbage
  1. Dead Animal Removal
  2. Large Household Items
  3. Mulch
  4. White Goods (Appliances)

Dead Animals

The Solid Waste Division will remove dead animals on City streets and by the curb - we cannot pick up animals on private property. Contact Customer Service at 864-467-4345 to arrange removal of dead animals.