In 2021, City Council passed a new ordinance, creating Chapter 8 Article II to provide for certain economic development stimulus incentives. This program will be administrated by the Economic Development Department.

Targeted Business License and Building Permit rebate grantS 

Why is it needed?

  • The standardized model ordinance does not include some of the special provisions the City has established in the past to attract and retain businesses
  • Having a standalone economic development ordinance allows for greater flexibility and provides a new tool for staff to use for business development
  • Allows the city to address specific economic development needs
  • Allows greater control of incentive payments and tie-in to ensure investment and job creation targets are achieved

Which businesses are we focused on?

New Businesses - 5-year 100% Business License Rebate:

  • Artist (CBD, West End, Village of West Greenville)
  • Retail (CBD, West End)
  • Manufacturing
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Grocery Store in Special Emphasis Neighborhood
  • Child Care Businesses 
  • Any Commercial Annexation

Existing Businesses – 50% rebate for next 5 years

  • Artists, retailers, manufacturers & corporate headquarters as described above

Incentives for new job creation and capital investment*

New Jobs Capital Investments Business License Rebate Permit Fee Rebate
10 $500,000 100% (1 year) 25%
25 $750,000 100% (2 years) 50%
50+ $1,000,000 100% (3 years) 100%

*at or above Greenville County's median per capita wage

Targeted Priority Investment Areas: Wade Hampton, Laurens, Pendleton, Pleasantburg, Haywood, Stone, Augusta

New Jobs Capital Investments Business License Rebate Permit Fee Rebate
5 $250,000 100% (1 year) 25%
10 $500,000 100% (2 years) 50%
15 $750,000 100% (3 years) 100%