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  1. photo of portable space heater

    Fire Department Asks Residents to Be Aware of Heating Sources

    Portable and stationary space heaters are a fire risk - learn more about how to avoid them. More
  2. giraffe baby, one day old

    Greenville Zoo Names Baby Giraffe: Tatu

    Tatu, which means "third child," is the name of the baby boy giraffe born Feb. 2 at The Greenville Zoo. More
  3. screenshot of Google Transit trip planner

    Plan Your Greenlink Bus Trip with Google Transit

    The Google Transit trip planner now incorporates Greenlink bus travel. More
  4. Belk Fall for Greenville logo

    Belk Announced as Title Sponsor of Fall for Greenville

    Fall for Greenville board members today announced Belk, the private department store company based in Charlotte, N.C., as the title sponsor of the 2016 festival scheduled for October 14-16 in downtown Greenville. More
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  1. Feb 15
  2. President's Day Holiday - City Offices Closed

  3. SC Technology and Aviation Center

  1. Feb 16
  2. City Council Work Session

  1. Feb 17
  2. Green Ribbon Advisory Committee - Energy and Building Ad-hoc

  3. Green Ribbon Advisory Committee

  4. Greenville Housing Futures

  1. Feb 18
  2. Greenville Housing Authority

  3. Planning Commission

  1. Feb 22
  2. Formal Meeting of the City Council

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